Benefits of Paragliding: Paragliding is not only a popular activity during the summer holidays, but it is also an excellent sport that offers many health benefits, both physically and mentally.

As a competitive and recreational sport, paragliding: Hangs on a parachute sliding hundreds of meters above the ground and offers a unique perspective of the surrounding environment.

Here are the top 10 benefits of paragliding for health:


being outdoors is healthy in itself; Fresh air, sunlight and exposure to nature all help to strengthen the immune system, improve the moral state. Vitamin D from the sun contributes to the strength of bones and teeth and the health of the immune system. Vitamin D deficiency can put you at risk for osteomalacia (soft bones) or osteoporosis (fragile bones).


Being at the top of the world, flying in the sky, there is a good chance that the adrenaline will invade you “be careful, your children and your family are waiting for you :)”. Your body responds to the adrenaline rush, causing a sensation of excitement and a surge of energy. Adrenaline is a survival mechanism necessary for general health, which helps to improve your rejuvenation. You feel excited and energetic, with a heightened awareness of the things around you when you float in the sky like a free bird, not just any bird of course.

Body Balance:

Paragliding requires the exercise of your heart and deep postural muscles of the trunk and pelvis, and the abductor muscles of the thighs are continually conditioned. Paragliding will strengthen all the muscles in the center of your body. I will givie more power to your other muscles and reducing the risk of injury during daily activities and strenuous exercise, and it’s like subscribing to the gym. 🙂

Upper body strength:

Another benefit of Paragliding, it gives strength to the upper arm to control the parachute. Having a strong upper body improves your flexibility, mobility, and range of motion. If the strength of your upper body decreases as you get older, you are more vulnerable to: Injury, illness and reduced quality of life, so enjoy your youth. Do not worry the old ones also have their activities, as fun as paragliding.

Stress Relief:

The intense concentration with the adrenaline rush makes you feel mentally and physically cleansed. You forget all your worries and the usual distractions of life.

Burn calories:

Obviously, paragliding is a sport of energy, because of the tremendous adrenaline rush that you feel in flight. You can burn 230 calories per hour for an average person of 150 pounds, not bad for your weight loss program.

Creates confidence:

This advantage that I like a lot, you know the feeling that you get after achieving something “big”? Well, imagine that it repeats itself 10 times. It’s almost like you’re a new person afterward. You can get a boost of confidence that will transform your life by trying a new exceptional and breathtaking experience.

Face your fears:

This is a great way to help you realize that you are stronger than you think you are. By trying out this kind of extreme sport, you can prove that you are capable of anything you want, just get into the air.

Breathtaking landscapes: when you are thousands of meters high in the air and you do nothing more than the beauty of the world. The feeling of freedom and the intensity of life, all you see the world is turning into something much more positive and optimistic.

Freedom: In paragliding, you are immune to gravity, soil, your life and emotionally, stress, fears, and anything that could weigh down your shoulders. Not only do you physically float in the air like a bird, but you float mentally, get a healthy rush of adrenaline, and a breathtaking view of the world below.

Reasons You Must Consider Paragliding

There are many Benefits of Paragliding, however, if you’re nonetheless no longer satisfied then you have to understand these top reasons why this recreation can exchange your lifestyles – or at least make it a whole lot extra thrilling than what it is now.

Affordable than Conventional Aviation.

There’s usually been thinking in the aviation enterprise that goes like:

Aviation is Hazardous to Wealth -Anon

But now not anymore. You see, flying has been a dream of mankind ever given that its evolution. There’s an unparalleled feeling of exhilaration and freedom that is connected to all types of flying.

But most of us are unable to journey flying due to the fact of the excessive fees involved. Paragliding, on the contrary, provides a good deal greater low-cost way to ride flying and now not simply ride it – however, journey it to its best!

You can effortlessly buy a good-conditioned, used paraglider package beginning from $1500 or a manufacturer-new beginning from $2500 and take it in the trunk of your auto to anyplace you go.

Everybody can fly from internal a glass cockpit with some propellers to power them ahead or engines strapped to their butts. But there are few, who can apprehend the refined forces of nature like air and gravity and study to play with them first-hand, the usage of them for their advantage!

Safer than Other Extreme Sports

Yes, you will be in the air and you will have to analyze about thermals & ridge lifts and how to use them to jump greater and higher, however when you land it’s a mild float the place you limit top little by means of little so you waft to the floor instead than plunge. This, blended with what you’ll examine about the game and controlling the paraglider, helps to make this one of the most secure severe sports activities out there. It’s most secure of all air sports.

Of course, any game is sole as protected as you make it and nothing can preserve you protected like keeping a admire of the recreation and the indispensable steps to continue to be safe. Once you’re up in the air, it’s up to you – so it’s vital that you have an exquisite mindset and recognize for what you are in reality doing.

Environmentally Friendly

Paragliding is kind to the environment. You don’t use gasoline and aren’t altering the panorama in any way, which capability that you’re seeing what it’s like to be a fowl – barring having to use an engine or something that may disrupt the peace.

Takes You to Exotic Unseen Places

And final however no longer the least, paragliding comes hand in hand with a no. of different associated activities. Your tour to some of the most unusual locations few eyes have ever seen. Nature’s paradises if you will. You discover mountains, you hike, you camp, you climb – so what extra do you choose out of an adventurous lifestyle?

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