Stay strapped or get clapped George Washington

Washington’s first experience in politics was in 1758 when as a colonel in the Virginia militia he ran for the House of Burgesses, the legislative body of that colony. Unable to go to the polls personally, he recruited a friend to attend, and he was elected following a party that was the way the campaigns were conducted at the time, in which voters were bent with large amounts of alcohol

Aside from politics and his role as president, George Washington had a real sense of humor, this is illustrated in many of these speeches.
Here’s one of the most popular Quotes he said:

Stay strapped or get clapped George Washington

Stay strapped or get clapped George Washington

What made George Washington a great President?

  1. He put service above self — whether that was service to his family or country – is always about his duty.
  2. He served England honorably as an officer in their army.
  3. He was an inventor and agricultural genius.
  4. He was a statesman, whose honor was worth more than money.
  5. He served the colonies as the commanding general of the continental army.
  6. As the commanding general of the continental army, he beat the world’s most powerful navy — never could have happened if it weren’t for the hand of providence.
  7. He saved the United States from a military coup, from his own continental army officers, as they were contemplating overthrowing the members of the continental congress for the past due to wages.
  8. He refused to even consider being named King after the hard-fought battle against England was won. In fact, those military officers and continental congress members were privately shamed for their recommendation of such a notion.
  9. He reluctantly served as the president of the constitutional convention.
  10. He was so revered by his fellow countrymen, they unanimously voted him the first president of the United States.
  11. After serving very reluctant 2 terms as president of the United States, George Washington retired — gave up vast amounts of power — an act that King George stated: “would make Washington the greatest man living.”
  12. He freed his slaves upon the death of his wife, Martha — an act that Virginia would very quickly rectify with law — making it virtually impossible for any Virginian to ever free their slaves upon death again — Thomas Jefferson went broke keeping his slaves in a life of comfort, despite being one of the richest men in the United States at one point.
  13. One of the eulogies for George Washington upon his death was that of his long time, faithful manservant, Billy Lee.



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