Paragliding vs skydiving: what is it for you?

Are you so happy to fly? Nowadays, people have several options to realize this dream, much more than in the near past. You can try things like flying in an ultra-light airplane, doing BASE jumping, flying a hang glider or paragliding wing, skydiving or skydiving indoors. In this article, we will be interested in two of the most popular sports in this category, both “no motor”, driving his own light sports aircraft is really complex and expensive, so do not talk about it. Let’s see if paragliding or skydiving is the sport that suits you.

What is paragliding?

Paragliding is a leisure activity, considered an extreme sport, practiced using a plane without a motor. Airplanes used in paragliding is extremely simple called “wings”. A typical paraglider consists of a fabric wing and harness. There is no cabin-like “real” gliders or a hard wing-like gliders. However, this is one of the major reasons for the growing popularity of paragliding: paragliders are affordable and do not take much space. You can even put one in a big backpack, which you can not do with a glider.

Paragliding, spears and diving, by and large, people use the hills where they run and jump to start flying. Paragliding is a good control of the flight. In general, we do not use paragliding, but we can use it as a goal, because a flight can last several hours. Of course, it depends on weather conditions, their skills, and other factors.

What is skydiving?


Parachuting is similar to paragliding because of the equipment, but the similarities probably stop her. Skydiving is an implicit jump from an airplane with a parachute. Unlike paragliding, parachuting has evolved from the military as a safety mechanism for airmen, Parachute jumps contain fewer flights than paragliding flights because parachute jumping is a downward movement instead of a horizontal flight, which is the case of paragliding, which lasts longer, with the world record distance standing at 568 km in a single flight.

Paragliding vs skydiving

Paragliding and skydiving are both adrenaline-fuelled sports. Whilst skydiving is more high-octane, both do inevitably carry risks. However, if you are a newbie considering an adventure into the unknown, or a novice who wants to know the full ins and outs of your new hobby, how safe is paragliding vs sky diving?
The benefits of paragliding compared to skydiving are mainly explained: in paragliding, you have more control and can fly much longer. You can also choose an address for your flight and travel a certain distance. The second great wind of paragliding is that it takes a plane to lift it, just find a hill, run and start flying. It’s really cool.

However, parachuting also has its advantages. First, you have to run: the plane does the work for you and can focus entirely on the activity you wanted to do first. Secondly, parachuting can reach a higher altitude; jumps often start at 12,500 feet above ground level. You will not be able to tan paragliding unless you have very high mountains near you. And third, the feeling of free fall before opening the parachute is something that can not be compared to anything.
So is skydiving more risky than paragliding? Discover on our website more topics about paragliding or skydiving.


I hope this has helped to put your mind at rest. If you wanted to know what the chances of dying are while skydiving, then it appears to be very low!
Whether you think the difference in safety between paragliding vs skydiving is a deal-breaker is entirely up to you…



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